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Happium Alliance

Happium Alliance is a Global conglomerate in making and  is truly into  diversified products of same Genre , we are   operating in related business from beverages to processed foods to Species and condiments, We cover all related products from packaged drinking water to Health drinks, Carbonated water, Juices , processed fast foods, also Happium is coming strongly towards becoming a market leader in Ready to Eat Proprietary foods  like Instant Fish curries , Inspired by the call of our H’nble PM Narendra Modi for Atma Nirbhar Bharat  and Make In India we are truly trying to do our part to let the world know of Diversified Indian Cuisines.


Happium alliance really serving your diversified needs from quenching your thrust at the very good morning to taking care of you and your family at the breakfast table to providing healthy lunch and dinner with ready to eat foods.

Happium has launched all of its brand with the patented technology of the ro+uv+uf+tds controller that purifies all the water used both in packaged drinking water and juice segments by retaining the natural minerals, which are essential for a healthy life, innovative use of uv light in the stainless storage tank helps us to retain the purity of pure water and fresh juice. We constantly thrive in our endeavour to maintain the environmental and ecological balance and hence we make conscious effort to prevent wastage of water and always thrive to maintain the ground water label, we use most modern technology to ensures that no or very less quantity of water is wasted while using our state of art ro water purifier technology.

Happium Alliance
distributors Network with brand loyal


To expand and have distributors Network with brand loyal customers in every district of India. To Be a prominent names in Indians Food and Beverage Industry  in Europe , Australia, Middle East and American Union and to Promote Made in India with Love for The World.


We in Happium Alliance believe in Quality and commitment. We are strong believer in  Great businesses are never built on the opportunity wrongly claimed, we are comfortable of growing our business at a slow pace without compromising our values for a quick profit , we reiterate that Happium Alliance will give utmost importance to the quality and value every new customer. Happium Alliance has been able to set Industry standard and benchmark in Ready to Eat Instant Fish curries and is first to bring Culinary delights from various states to the plates of young working women of India.


Happium Alliance