Ice Sparkle the life drop comes in 20 ltrs Jars as well as in pack sizes of 500 ml, 1 ltrs and 2 ltrs. We follow very strict quality control norms in line with the high standards set by BIS, Each and every drop of Ice sparkle passes through rigorous 11 step quality process while being manufactured. We follow Scientifically advanced techniques at our state-of-the-art laboratories, doing around hundredths of test  to ensure that you always receive heavenly pure, safe and healthy drinking water.

Considering the increasing adverse effects caused by drinking Non BIS approved Water, Ice Sparkle was born to make available safe water to everyone at most affordable Price. Most Of the todays Manufacturers Selling packaged drinking Water are NON BIS APPROVED and is equivalent to Tap water of Our public water distribution system which is exposed to many contaminants. Peoples are not aware that they arebuying normal tap water at Rs 40 for 20 Ltr Jar, As awareness label is increasing people are preferring “ Ice Sparkle”. Our company executes in-house processing of normal water, following steps, as sterilizing, distilling, de-ionizing, filtering, bottling and packaging. We strive to deliver excellence and come up with quality assured products for satisfaction and wellbeing of people.

To reach out a large number of people, we have tied-up with many individuals & business and created a big dealership network

Ice Sparkle Water - Happium Alliance